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Since 1989, Swiss Machine Tools Service provides high quality service, maintenance, repair and scraping of the guide ways on high precision machine tools. We specialize on the SIP jig borer product line as well as Hauser Jig grinders. Having been trained and worked at the SIP factory in Geneva for six years and worked for American SIP as a service representative for six years in North America gives us unmatched experience on this type of machine. In this tough business environment, experience is the key for fast diagnostic and repair and, means a lower cost for you the customer.

What we offer

We are located in Brunswick, Ohio, in a spacious air-conditioned building equipped
with a 20 ton crane. This allows us to handle your equipment in a safe and
professional way. Our services include:


  • Mechanical troubleshooting
  • General service and maintenance
  • Geometrical inspection
  • Laser calibration
  • Complete overhaul, scraping of the guide ways
  • Installation of digital scales and readouts
  • Preparation for the shipment of your machine
  • Retrofits


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If you need any kind of service, repair or scraping on your SIP, Hauser or other high precision machine or equipment, contact us at 330-220-9479 for high quality service at a reasonable cost.



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Scraping of guide ways

High precision machines such as SIP jig borers, Hauser and Moore jig grinders are among the most accurate equipment used in the metalworking industry. One of the reasons for their unparalleled precision is because their guide ways have been carefully scraped or, in the case of some Moore models, lapped to extreme accuracy.

Swiss Machine Tools Service

specializes in the re-scraping of your machine tool. Having been trained at the SIP factory in Switzerland, we apply the same care; use the same tools and process that were applied in the factory when the machine was built. Sometimes, the good old fashion way is the best way! On a rebuilt machine, we guarantee equal or better tolerances than factory specifications

Swiss Machine Tools Service Inc
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